Software engineering

Our core business is software development

Our core business is software development

We develop web applications and mobile applications for every market sector.
Starting from an idea or a need, passing through an accurate analysis of business processes, we provide valid and functional tools to support and satisfy the real needs of the Customer.

In a dynamic and evolving market, we represent the right partner to support along the path of technological evolution.

Make your project with us

Customized management software

To meet the market needs, today, it is necessary to have valid tools and it is from this need that our business is born: to develop management software to support companies and provide high quality and reliable products. The solutions we create turn to all the realities that need to automate old company procedures by replacing paper systems with modern computer systems that allow a lean and functional management, but above all created ad hoc for their company.

Dedicated team

A software development team, guaranteed by skill and professionalism, is always close to the customer in every phase of the project, guaranteeing continuous training and assistance in every phase of the project: before, during and after.

Thanks to its skills and using the best and most recent open source technologies, 3CEngineering aims to offer tailor-made web solutions that simply meet the needs of its customers.


Preliminary step of our work is to fully understand the real needs of our customer.


With the customer we design the solution that best satisfies and supports the business activity.


We realize the customized project using our skills and our professionalism.


A dedicated team will always be available at every stage of the project.

Our products

We produce quality products with commitment and passion

Web Portals

We create customized portals accessible from any device, both desktop and mobile, using web technology.

Mobile App

We design and build native Apps for IOS and Android, with the utmost attention to the end user usability.


We create customized solutions to bring business online thanks to a virtual store that is always open.


We develop static and dynamic websites in HTML with Adobe Cold Fusion and database MySQL technology.

Our strategy

Each project provides precise steps with the aim of achieving the required result in the best way

Technology design

Following an in-depth analysis with the Customer, the most suitable technologies will be established so that the web portal can be built with the best quality/time ratio.

Look & feel

Once established the best technologies to be used, in this phase we will identify the basic communicative idea in terms of color choices.

Definition of storyboard and site tree

In this phase the navigation of the web portal is defined. In particular, the navigation tree and contents of the individual pages will be defined.

Realization of the web project

Prototypes of the project will be realized and will be made accessible to the Customer who will have the opportunity to examine the effectiveness of the product. With a timely collaboration between the development team and the Customer, the final details of the project will be developed.

Put online

Once the project is completed, the new web portal will be put online. Thanks to our infrastructure we are able to provide the Client with dedicated servers for their projects.

Continuous monitoring

Even after the product has been put online, periodic monitoring is carried out in order to guarantee constant availability of resources.

Our Solutions

Constant features that distinguish every quality work


All our products have a great visual impact because we pay particular attention to ease of use and interaction with the customer.

Responsive Design

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - Realization of 100% responsive websites, impeccable on any device.

Custom Graphics

Development of creative and performing web solutions thanks to the wise use of style sheets (CSS3).


Positioning sites on search engines and validation according to W3C criteria.